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Premixslip Spray 500ml

Instrument Lubricant and Rust Inhibitor

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Clinically tested to be thoroughly steam penetrable, steam sterilisable and ETO sterilisable.

Premixslip® is a non-sticky, non-toxic, silicone free and water-soluble mineral oil lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving without becoming gummy. Forming a protective barrier on surgical instruments, Premixslip® prevents rusting, staining, spotting and restores articulation to sticky box-locks and joints. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof Instrument Care System, Premixslip® will greatly reduce repair and replacement costs.

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Product Code: CNR002

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  • High-grade mineral oil lubricant and rust inhibitor.
  • Prevents rust, spots, stains, and corrosion, prolonging the life of the instrument.
  • Prevents damage due to misuse of stiff or grinding instruments.
  • Steam penetrable, steam sterilisable and ETO sterilisable.
  • Non-oily, non-sticky, non-toxic and silicone free.
  • Routine use will enhance the life and efficiency of instruments.
  • Greatly reduces repair and replacement cost.

Directions for use

Use as is – do not dilute. Shake gently prior to use

1. Restrict the use of the lubricant to the area of the instrument requiring lubrication using the sprayer or dropper.
2. Allow the Premixslip® to penetrate the joint for about 30 seconds. Test the action of the lubricated joint to ensure penetration.
3. For exceptionally stiff instruments re-apply and actively open and shut the instrument, until loosened.
4. If the lubricant dislodges dried contaminants from the joint, the instrument will require re-cleaning.
5. Seized instruments may require treatment by immersion in a bath of Premixslip®.


Premixslip Safety Data Sheet



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