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Objectives of the Code

Bailey Instruments Ltd recognises the importance of corporate responsibility towards sustainable objectives and of maintaining high standards of social, ethical and environmental conduct. We acknowledge and endorse the UN Global Compact by way of incorporating the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code on which this is largely based, a standard for responsible business practice covering human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. As providers of a range of products to the UK Healthcare market we are committed to ensuring that our supply chain partners and contractors throughout the supply chain adopt a similar approach. Our Code of Conduct has been devised with the aim of ensuring all supply chain partners adhere to the codes of conduct within it, or are actively working towards their adoption.

Scope of application

The scope of application of this system is for the provision of Surgical Instruments, Orthoses, and other Podiatry related accessories within the UK healthcare sector.

Application of the Code

Laws and Ethical Standards

Bailey Instruments Ltd – Base Code

1. Employment is freely chosen

  1. There is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour.
    1. Workers are not required to lodge “deposits” or their identity papers with their employer and are free to leave their employer after reasonable notice.

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic

4. Child labour shall not be used

5. Living wages are paid

6. Working hours are not excessive

 • this is allowed by national law;

 • this is allowed by a collective agreement freely negotiated with a workers’ organisation representing a significant portion of the workforce;

• appropriate safeguards are taken to protect the workers’ health and safety;


• the employer can demonstrate that exceptional circumstances apply such as unexpected production peaks, accidents or emergencies.

6.6 Workers shall be provided with at least one day off in every seven day period or, where allowed by national law, two days off in every 14 day period.

7. No discrimination is practised

8. Regular employment is provided

9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Performance Measurement

To enable Bailey Instruments Ltd to monitor the overall performance and effectiveness of our Labour Standards Assurance System we will establish key performance objectives within our Quality Management System. This tool will be managed and maintained by the designated responsible person and is made accessible to all members of staff that are active participants of our identified supply chains.

Objectives and Targets

Objectives and Targets are set out at the start of each defined period and are periodically reviewed. For the current objectives and targets please refer to the Objectives and Target Document

Simon Charlesworth

Managing Director

Reviewed 17/03/2021

Note: Provisions will be made to ensure that a copy of this code is made available in alternative languages as required and appropriate

Revision History

Version ChangeDateOriginator
3 Condensed Policy11/10/2013Daniel Chin
4 Update to Section 6 as a result of ETI base code change. Defined objectives and targets introduced06/10/2017Tom Thelwell