Bailey Instruments is here providing our normal level of service, as with all lockdowns. Contact us anytime during the normal working week for next day priority orders, quotations, customer service and advice. Everything you need for instruments – single use or reusable, diagnostics, orthotics and PPE. We have intentionally increased stocks for Covid demand and for financial year end spends.

Orthotic insoles and putty by Bailey Instruments
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Company History

Bailey Instruments was incorporated in 1989 as a Limited Company after being founded by Tim and Sally Bailey in 1984 and remains one of the longest and most reputable manufacturers of surgical instruments and medical devices in the UK.

Originally specialising in the manufacture and development of quality surgical instruments to serve the needs of foot health practitioners in both the private and public sector, we have continued to expand our product offerings into all general and specialised healthcare disciplines, building on our expertise, experience and manufacturing capabilities with a strong focus on innovation.

COVID-19 Information

We hope you are all well and complying with and managing the lockdown requirements.

As an essential medical device business we are fully operational and our customer support office and warehouse are processing orders Mon-Fri

Our supply chains are robust and fully operational so we have availability across all our usual specialities including Podiatry, ENT, Maternity, Diagnostics, Operating Theatres for single use and reusable instruments and devices.

PPE – We are introducing selected lines of validated and approved PPE and now have stocks of Type II Masks with Type IIR available soon.

*Covid Handbook Download* This is an interesting publication detailing a Chinese academic view of managing care in the pandemic and their experiences.(These views do not reflect the opinions or advice of Bailey Instruments Ltd.)