How to use the Bailey Retractable Monofilament

By Matt on November 14, 2019
Product Information

The Bailey Retractable Monofilaments are diagnostic devices that consist of a monofilament mounted in a hand unit for protection when not in use. They are accurately calibrated in production to provide a 10g or 75g for on the skin. (Gram weight forces are used in preference to the more logarithmic values which can be confusing e.g. the 10g monofilament is often referred to as a 5.07 size).

Instructions for use

1.) Wipe the end of the monofilament with an antiseptic wipe (do not autocalve)

2.) Prior to use, show the monofilament to the patient and touch his/her hand or arm to demonstrate normal sensation and to show that it does not hurt.

3.) Place the end of the monofilament perpendicular to the skin and increase pressure until it bends.

4.) Hold the monofilament in place for 1-2 seconds whilst buckled.

5.) Ask the patient to close his/hers eyes and to say ‘yes’ when he/she can feel the monofilament.

6.) Suggested sites for test are shown the ‘Foot Screen’ diagram below.

7.) The various sites should be tested randomly and any ones which the patient did not respond to should be re-tested.

Useful life

Monofilaments do begin to lose their accuracy with prolonged use. This is dependent on how often they are bent. For optimum performance, it is recommended that the Bailey Monofilament should be replaced every six months if used on multiple patients on a daily basis and every 24 months when used on a more occasional basis.

Storage instructions

Store at room temperature. Care should be taken to avoid extremes of temperature. The Bailey Monofilament has negligible moisture absorption and is, therefor, largely unaffected by changes in humidity levels.

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