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susol Elastic Stay Retractor Double Hook Blunt (4)

Expertly-designed for ENT procedures
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The system delivers precise location and retraction force in soft tissue. This can create a stable operative field with minimal field movement during surgery.

Materials: Stainless steel hook embedded in silicone.
Performance: Stress tested for retraction tension and stability
Packaging: Aseptic presentation in easy access plastic tray
Material 0.5 PET
Latex free

2 trays of 2

Product Code: SS25-7002

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Made to tackle the specific requirements of ENT surgery, these elastic stay retractors prioritise safety, precision, and stability. The instruments have undergone rigorous stress testing of up to 50 newtons to ensure they stay firmly in place during surgery, assisted by a rigid handle design that prevents any possibility of the tool moving in unintended ways, such as sliding through the forceps or retraction plates.

The stainless steel hooks are embedded in silicon, guaranteeing a completely aseptic and reassuringly latex-free product. The blunt hook design is ideal for pulling back tough tissue and cartilage and keeping it firmly in place.

The tools are provided in two packs of two in an easy-access plastic tray that allows the user to effortlessly keep count of the stays before, during and after the procedure. Susol’s elastic stay retractors and designed to deliver the highest level of protection for both you and your patient.

Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Silicone handle
  • Easy-access plastic tray


  • Double hook
  • Blunt ends ideal for tissue
  • Stress tested to 50 newtons (5kg)
  • Ridged design to prevent slipping
  • Easy-access plastic tray that allows for precise counts
  • Aseptic
  • Latex-free



Single use / reusable

Area of practice